Dragonridge Natural Organic Wines

Dragonridge Wines

Natural organic wines with distinctive character made in the traditional way

Our natural organic wines are handcrafted primarily from Mediterranean cultivars grown on Fynbos Estate, situated deep in the Joubertskloof in the Paardeberg in the Swartland region. Like the dragon-shaped mountain for which they are named, our wines are made to have potency and longevity, as well as the 'magical' qualities that distinguish the finest wines.

Our philosophy is simple - make wines that express the unique conditions of the farm using the methods of the early nineteen hundreds. We are proud of the fact that there is no more than on average 500 meters from vine to wine.

These methods give our wines unique and distinctive character although they are unaggressive even when young, but develop well with cellaring.

Read more on our natural wine making methods here.

  • certified organic
  • grapes grow on bush vines
  • no herbicides or pesticides are used
  • no irrigation used
  • small yields are therefore produced
  • with concentrated flavours
  • natural fermentation (no added yeasts)
  • minimal handling
  • minimal sulphur
  • very light pressing
  • no fining (VEGAN)
  • no filtration
Swartland Independent Producers

With such principles of production we have become part of SIP (Swartland Independent Producers) which is a group of wine makers producing wine in this kind of way. SIP has received quite a lot of international publicity. Read more about SIP here.

What they share most of all, these producers, is a wish to make wines that are a true expression of their origin - of the broad landscape of the Swartland.

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