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Dragonridge Wines of Fynbos Estate

Fynbos Estate

Dragonridge wines are grown and made on Fynbos Estate, about an hour's drive north of Cape Town in the Paardeberg, near Malmesbury. The area is part of the Swartland Region, which has gained an international reputation as an unique and exciting terrior, where some of the most remarkable wines in the country are being produced.

Fynbos Estate is offers a variety of guest accommodation, making it ideal for workshops, retreats, conferences and celebrations, or a special place to escape to for weekend getaways. It has also become a popular wedding and function venue.

Visist the website for more information at  www.fynbosestate.co.za

Dragonridge goes Supernova!

Dragonridge Supernova

With a fizz and a whizz and a bang Dragonridge launched its first bubbly called SUPERNOVA at the first wedding of the summer season. This was alongside CAPELLA which besides being a faraway star, is our newly bottled unwoooded Chenin.


This method is exactly as it is named – an ancestral way of making `champagne’ which existed in France 200 years ago. Apropos this history, Charlie Grosman a young French champagne maker happened to volunteer here while we were making SUPERNOVA. `Encroyable!’ he exclaimed, waving his hands in great perplexity `What for you making such methode? We have come far ago from this 200 years’


MA is neither a SPARKLING WINE nor a CAP CLASSIQUE (MCC). The first is a carbonated wine while the second involves making a base wine to which sugar and yeast are added. This provokes a second fermentation in bottle producing bubbles and extra alcohol. The process can be controlled by how much sugar and yeast are added.

Methode Ancestrale, unlike MCC adds nothing to the fermentation in the bottle using only its own sugars and wild yeasts. This makes the process more difficult to control as evidenced by the explosion in our cellar which lost us 10% of our bubbly.

For both MCC and MA the next steps in the process, called riddling and disgorgement, are quite ingenious. After fermentation has ended the bottles are set on the slant and rotated over a period of weeks. The sediment of resultant dead yeast ends up in the neck of the bottle which is then frozen. Now the cap is removed and the sediment explodes out of the bottle. The bottles are topped up and corked. These last processes are done professionally off the farm (yes to minimize explosions).

Despite the fact that this method makes bubbly expensive to make, it fulfils Johan’s winemaking ethos of minimal interference and his joy in producing a wine which expresses a particular time and a place.

He is already plotting to increase the quantity twofold over the next years so that he can leave the bottles `on the lees’ (sediment) for as much as three years - which he says will add flavour and depth.

This year we made 660 bottles of Supernova.


Dragonridge wines  Dragonridge Wines

Natural wines with distinctive character made in the traditional way

Our wines are handcrafted primarily from Mediterranean cultivars grown on Fynbos Estate, deep in the Joubertskloof in the Paardeberg. Like the dragon-shaped mountain for which they are named, our wines are made to have potency and longevity, as well as the 'magical' qualities that distinguish the finest wines.

Our philosophy is simple - make wines that express the unique conditions of the farm using the methods of the early nineteen hundreds. We are proud of the fact that there is no more than on average 500 meters from vine to wine.

  • grapes grow on bush vines
  • no irrigation used
  • small yields are therefore produced
  • with concentrated flavours
  • natural fermentation, (no added yeasts)
  • minimal handling,
  • minimal sulphur ( e.g. one part per million)
  • very light pressing
  • no fining (VEGAN)
  • no filtration

These methods give our wines unique and distinctive character although they are unaggressive even when young, but develop well with cellaring.

With such principles of production we have become part of SIP (Swartland Independent Producers) which is a group of wine makers producing wine in this kind of way. SIP has received quite a lot of international publicity.

Our wines have received good press with both our Cab and Aquila receiving 4 stars in the current Platter. Reviews are available on Google on our website address. www.dragonridge.co.za

Please note that our wines are all VEGAN
500 metres from vine to bottle.
No pesticides, no herbicides, no additives.

Most of our wines are named for the stars in the night sky we see above our beautiful farm.






CAPELLA 2015 (Unwooded Chenin Blanc) Limited Edition
Capella is the brightest star in the constellation of Auriga, the sixth-brightest in the night sky.
A full-bodied Paardeberg Chenin with strong aromas of tropical fruits and dominant flavours of apple and pear. It is intensely structured, and extended skin contact not only allows for these powerful fruit flavours, but also gives the Capella an effective tannic structure which enables the wine to hold its own against most types of foods. Alcohol 14%..



CYGNUS 2015 (Wooded Chenin Blanc) Limited Edition
Cygnus, deriving its name from the Greek word for 'swan' is a northern constellation on the plane of the Milky Way.
In the glass, Cygnus is a golden yellow with ripe peach and apricot aromas. On the palate, it is dominated by tropical fruits such as bananas, guavas and pineapples. The pleasing fruitiness of the wine is countered by a seam of characteristic Swartland acidity and minerality, which results from receiving 5 days of skin maceration’ This is an unusual wine. Alcohol. 14%



GALAXY 2016 (Wooded blend Chenin Blanc/Viognier)
A galaxy, such as our Milky Way, is a gravitationally bound system of stars, interstellar gas, dust, and dark matter.
This blend has a golden yellow colour with orange blossom and white peach on the nose. Stone fruit and nut in the mouth with a long aftertaste. Good acidity and minerality. It has intense flavour despite the low alcohol. Alcohol 10.8%



ORION 2017 (Wooded Chardonnay)
Orion is a prominent constellation located on the celestial equator and visible throughout the world.
This is a lightly wooded Chardonnay with citrus on the nose and a citrus follow through in the mouth. Muted toast and butter underpins natural Chardonnay fruit. This is a notably fresh wine where the fruit dominates over oak, and is perfect for spring and summer drinking. Alcohol 12%





DARK STAR 2011 Limited Edition
A blend of equal quantities of Mourvedre, Pinotage, Shiraz and Sangiovese. Dark, rich and smooth with slight smokiness, this wine has good acidity and soft tannins with prominent dark cherry. Alcohol 12%



This wine is named for Johan ’s father Jack Simons

Our Cape blend of Pinotage, Shiraz and Mourvedre. Beautifully textured and balanced wine. Low alcohol 11.8%



SHIRAZ 2015 Limited Edition
In the glass, this shiraz is a dark, brooding purple. It is an exceedingly aromatic wine with traditional Shiraz aromas of spicy leather and red fruit while the Viognier skins add hints of peach and a floral dimension. Despite its dark colour, this is actually quite a perfumed, feminine Shiraz, full of plum and berry flavours. This is kept well in check by delightfully soft tannins that hold both your interest and the flavour, allowing for an extremely long finish. Alcohol 14.5%



AQUILA 2016 **** Very Limited Edition
Aquila, the Latin name for `eagle’, is a constellation on the celestial equator.
This is a super Tuscan blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Sangiovese. Its aroma and taste is of Cranberry and Cherry, underpinned by blackcurrant and green beans. Alcohol 13%



CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2015 (Wooded) Limited Edition
In the glass, this Cabernet is a deep, dark plum colour and has strong aromas of black fruit, coffee and chocolate. On the palate, there are the traditional cassis flavours which are pleasingly sweet thanks to the high alcohol levels. These are underpinned by a gentle green bean like herbaceousness with a long, tantalising chocolate finish. Alcohol 15.4%



SANGIOVESE 2015 Limited Edition
This is a remarkably traditional and delicious Sangiovese. In the glass, it is noticeably lighter coloured than our other reds and has tantalising aromas of sour cherries and cranberry. On the palate, it is reasonably light bodied with a tight seam of acidity that underpins the characteristic tart red fruit flavours. The finish is gloriously mouth-watering. This is a wine that cries out for grilled duck breast. Alcohol 13.5%



MOURVEDRE 2015 Limited Edition
Single cultivar Mourvedres are rare. This is a Mourvedre from a great year and has lots of spice on top of dense wild fruit. Prominent acids leave the palate clean and refreshed with a long peppery finish. This wine is best decanted for a few hours to allow flavours to develop, as it is still youthful. Alcohol 14%





RIGEL 2015 (Straw Wine) Reserved
Rigel is a blue supergiant and the brightest star in the constellation Orion. (The Hunter)
This is a complex sweet wine which does not finish sweet in the mouth owing to the overall acidity. It develops wonderfully in the glass to reveal autumn fruit on the nose and summer fruits in the mouth. Alcohol 14%.

R165 half bottle




SUPERNOVA 2015 (Methode Ancestrale) Reserved
A supernova is a titanic explosion that occurs during the last stage of the life of a massive star.
This bubbly is made in the ancestral French way, which unlike MCC, adds nothing to the fermentation in the bottle, using only its own sugars and wild yeasts. It has a delicate pink hue due to the inclusion of Pinotage, which also brings a great deal of red fruit to the wine. The nose and palate showing lots of delicious strawberry and raspberry flavours. This is balanced by the crisp apple acidity of the Chenin Blanc and is rounded off by a delicate but long lasting mousse. Alcohol 12.5%




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Ordering Our Wines

All wines are delivered throughout the country with discounts for cases of 6 same wines and no transport charge in the Cape Town Region. Elsewhere in the country transport is free for 12 bottles or more but no discount applies.

Our wine is also available at The Wine Kollective in Riebeek Kasteel and can be ordered online on their website: www.thewinekollective.co.za

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